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This is clearly in a different league, and I think it can be quite polarising. I believe they are using a very old wok, coupled with the charcoal to fry the hokkien mee, there's a super distinct smokiness that's unparalleled. Its not even wok hei anymore, its really very special in my opinion, like wok hei plus charcoal steamboat aroma. However, I believe this may be the polarising aspect, the extreme smokiness might favoured by some but not so by others.

Regardless, I'm super mind blown by this. This hokkien mee is simply on its pedestal, even the brother stall Lor 29 Geylang Hokkien Mee can't compare with Swee Guan.

Rating: 6 / 5 (Yes, I'm giving this a six out of five πŸ˜‚)

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