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That’s because it takes next to no effort Teochew. Geddit? Oh yes, my puns are on FIRE. But Teochew porridge is always great, wasted or not.

Sin Hock Seng’s Teochew porridge may not be the best in Singapore, or even Geylang for that matter, but it warms and revives your cold, dead soul like nothing else. There’s just something about a simple bowl of watery Teochew porridge paired up with classics such as steamed sotong, chye poh omelette and beautifully braised big intestines that just hits the spot.

Their sweet and sour chili is a perfect pairing with the springy squid, and their (admittedly) overly salty braised big intestines. The chili lala is surprisingly sumptuous as well.

Teochew porridge is most definitely classic Singaporean soul food and there’s no doubt about that.