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Foie gras is simply divine by nature with a 90% fat content that has this amazing key feature of melting at the average body temperature. Foie gras goes into your mouth in a highly viscous, semi-solid state and slowly melts away like butter, enveloping your mouth with the most heavenly taste and texture. Wine & Chef's pan-seared foie gras is rich and buttery with a creamy mouth-feel. Cooked medium-rare, this sublime piece of decadence melts like butter and releases all its lovely succulent juices when it touches your tongue. It is sprinkled with sea salt to amplify its wonderfully decadent flavor and dusted with crushed pistachio for an evergreen nuttiness. Pair your foie gras with the sweet and fragrant apple and thyme brandy compote, toasted ciabatta to create the perfect balance of sweet, salty, savory, creamy, fruity and earthy when eaten together, with the crunchiness of the ciabatta complementing the viscous texture of the foie gras.