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A modest cafe tucked away nearby Simpang Bedok. Food, service, ambience was great!
Got the beyond 1-for-1 mains which is value for money! Ordered the Smoked Salmon & Egg Grilled Waffle Sandwich, while my boyfriend got the Turkey Ham & Cheese Grilled Waffle Sandwich. The buttermilk waffles are crispy and fluffy, not too sweet and not floury. (Drizzle it with the honey which is their own brand, 13 honey!) I think I found my new fav place for waffles! The smoked salmon, turkey ham fillings tasted well with the waffles. Served with honey drizzle, grilled mushrooms, fruits and salad which are nice sides to complement the main dish.
We ordered a flat white, and the Honey Citrus Jasmine drink with Yuzu Jelly & Passionfruit pops! Flat white is great, although not as strong. The honey citrus drink is certainly refreshing, although the honey can be too mild. Would definitely return to try other dishes and their pastries. Hoping to try more of their honey too.