Price: It’s in a mall so dont expect hawker cheap food. The ala carte price may seem okay but the serving is quite small.

Service and atmosphere: Efficient system, quick and friendly service.


Duck was damn gross i dont understand. Main dish but it was really bad. I lost my appetite after 2 pieces. Sooooooooo super oily from the damn fat duck. All i could taste was oil!! Skin wasnt to say very crispy either. I cant tell you if the meat was soft and tender or flavourful because ALL I COULD TASTE WAS OIL.

No more Siew Yok/Sao rou/Roast pork so we tried the Cha Siew/Cha Sao/Barbecue pork. Felt like heaven after the duck. Glazed and charred well but the meat itself could be more flavourful. Small serving and not value for $5 though.

Plain noodles for $2.50 this is worth. Noodles are slightly springy and okay maybe 6.5/10. With their light soy sauce gravy it was good.

Dumpling noodles was also really good they should change this to their main dish. Soup was flavourful and didnt have much msg i think. Noodles here were somehow a lot better than the plain noodles. The dumplings were SO GOOD!!!! Has a big chunk of meat sweet and crunchy and so good. 8.5/10.