We visited King Of Fried Rice for the second time as we were really impressed by the XO Pork Chop Fried Rice and Tomyum Fried Rice the first time round! This time, we decided to order something different and we tried out the Mala Pork Chop Fried Rice. The rice was fried with mala sauce and you can taste the distinct flavour of mala in the rice - it was great because it wasn't too spicy and the eatery did not go overboard on the numbness. Furthermore, the fried rice still comes with it's awesome wok hey and it wasn't overly soggy like some of the fried rice stalls in Singapore so it was great!

The pork chop is the same as that served in the other dishes and it was grilled to give it's exterior a light crisp. At the same time, the meat was sufficiently tender. However, we thought it would be great if the pork chop could be coated with mala paste/marinade as well. The dish costs $7.50 and being only $1 more than the usual egg fried rice, we think it is a steal since not many places serve mala fried rice in Singapore!

That being said, the outlet here has become smaller as the unit next door is no longer under the same stall. As a result, there are now a lot fewer tables and bigger groups may find it harder to get a seat. 😐