Have been here a few times and I absolutely love the chocolate soufflé. Today’s visit was disappointing. Was there at about 2.55pm, it was a quiet afternoon. 8 out of the 15 seats were used by the staff to wrap hampers. Two tables (out of 3) were almost done with their food. Staff told us to come back later, didn’t bother to take down our numbers or suggest we wait outside. (So if we come back in 5 min and the newly vacated table is occupied it’s a too bad situation?). Asked for the menu, staff pointed at the board with no explanation (so do they not have a menu anymore or just no menus in the day?). Service staff said the chocolate soufflé was not available and I had to ask when would it be (7pm), then we asked if they had the chocolate lava cake to which she replied, “not available” in her couldn’t care less attitude. There was nary a smile nor hint of apology of this (or any of the staff’s) face so I can only conclude they weren’t interested in serving us today. It’s such a shame because I really love their sorbets and chocolate soufflé. :(