Now that the gyms are closed and the pubs are strictly takeaway only, my weekends have become painfully empty, just like my entire life and bank account. That leaves me with a ton of time to kill, so what better (and tastier) way to do that than to venture out to the massive open air insane asylum that is Yishun for some of the best chicken rice in Singapore?⠀

For years now, Ji De Lai has been fighting off its competitors like a Yishun resident fighting off the cops, and they’re still chicken rice royalty. The supple steamed chicken sports silky smooth skin swaddling tender, juicy meat that’s been fully flavoured with the subtle yet tasty herbs & seasoning.⠀

The roast chicken is ridiculously redolent from the five spice mix & herbs, and is roasted perfectly. Gloriously golden skin is backed up by perfectly roasted chicken that’s moist & provides a marvellous mouthfeel as you savour every chew of this charmer of a chicken.

Spice these chicks up with a dash of delightfully gingery & garlicky chili sauce that’s rather potent, and chase it down with a spoonful of felicitously chicken fat flavoured chicken rice. Repeat as much as possible, and you will eventually find yourself in Flavortown.

Ji De Lai’s name is prophetic, because they foresaw my unforgettable addiction to what might just be the best chicken rice in sunny Singapore.