There's a little Tokyo hidden amongst the shops in the bustling yet food driven of the district in Ss2, Pj.. This is actually one of the places in my never ending food/ dessert spots to go.. Well I've heard fantastic music about this little Japanese shop that is actually located at the same row of a cafe called Menu-script and an Internet cafe but beware as it is located on the 2nd floor.. It requires only a short exercise that involves a flight of stairs to be well greeted by the friendly staff of this P.S.Tokyo.. The whole interior of this quaint little ice cream parlor is very minimal yet photogenic for an Instagram shot during the day as it gets dark during the night.. It also serves not only soft serve but cakes, drinks from Japan and coffee too.. Their signature flavour to try is the Matcha (Green tea) and Hojicha (Roasted Green tea) and it comes in 2 sizes; the mini (RM8.90) & Regular (RM12.90) and not to forget they too have a soft serve Flight which has a platter of 4 different flavours of soft serve for Rm33.90.. For this visit, I tried their Matcha in mini cup and i was really surprised that their soft serve still retains its shape despite the cafe isn't exactly very cold to begin with but it still holds seemingly well and the flavour of this soft serve is really pure and full of flavour that screams out Green Tea and creamy in texture.. If you're a green tea lover like myself; you gotta try the soft serve here as it is really that awesome and you would better off with a regular size

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