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So excited to tuck in! A whole pot of awesome ingredients with the best soup stock ever - traditional pork bone soup which I had so many bowls! My personal favorites here are the Pork Shoulder ($9), Fried Beancurd Skin ($6.80), Radish ($3.50) and fish. I had the Soon Hock ($9/100g) at minimum 600g per fish. Dip the beancurd skin into the boiling soup for a short while to let it soak the broth while parts of it still remain crispy! Keep the radish boiling in the soup till the end so that it becomes soft and super sweet. As for the fish, I love it with the light soy sauce! A meal here would set you back by $50-$60 and above per pax but the soup stock itself definitely warrants an indulgence once in awhile (:

Gosh, you are making me hungry!! 😆
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Veronica Phua hahaha oops!! I'm already craving for the soup :(