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Back at one of my favorite cafes to get a bowl of granola bowl with fresh fruits and greek yogurt ($17), fruits were pretty good but I do wish there was more greek yogurt that came with the bowl for the price I was paying. Avocado toast ($17) was more worth it in my opinion since there was a mountain of guacamole that came with it, quality assured. Lastly, the Pimp My Breakfast (Rosti, Bagel with Cream Cheese, Roasted Tomatoes and Scrambled Eggs) came up to only $15++, worth it with the portion that we got cause it was filling.

I have to say Sarnies is one of the more pricey cafes out there, but I do like the food! Go there for the coffee for sure, but note that it’s not a good cafe for big groups of people (there’s limited seats!!!)