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Inside this food court is a stall dishing out the popular China-style "xiang la" or "fragrant, hot and spicy" food. They have a few dishes on the menu but most people tend to go for the "customise-your-fragrant-hot-pot" option.
You just have to grab a silver bowl and a pair of tongs and start picking whatever you like from the items on display in the refrigerator units (I tend to zero in on a mix of vegetables - broccoli, cabbage and beansprouts, black fungus, mushroom and some beancurd stuff).
You then pass your bowl of items to the staff who weighs everything in order to tell you the amount to pay. After you state your preferred degree of spiciness (low, medium or set-your-hair-on-fire), the cooks in the kitchen get busy with the stir-frying (I always opt for the lowest because I like to not have my tongue go completely numb 😁 ).
When your order is ready, it's emptied into a humongous white bowl and topped with roasted peanuts and fresh cilantro. Their style of presentation is visually very pleasing and trust me, the mouthwatering aroma that hits you in the face will make you very eager to dig in!
I've always found a bowl of plain rice and clear seaweed soup go best with my hefty serving of spicy mixed stir-fry. They kind of help to tone down the fiery heat in a nice way.

Reminds me sichuan famous mala (麻辣) hotpot! It's what we do during winter sitting outside in the cold and eat those mala chuanchuan (串串)
Nicholas Tan Haha, it probably has a similar taste to what you're talking about :)
Yes! The numbing sensation!