Ended my last day of Phase 3 Heightened Alert with a dim sum brunch with friends, but still craving for dim sum when a return to office is needed — had been thinking of Victor’s Kitchen’s “Bo Loh Yau” Butter Bun having passed by their outlet at Sunshine Plaza quite a number of times recently; a rather new item that seems like a pretty recent addition to the menu.

Turns out, the “Bo Loh Yau” Butter Bun was an item I quite liked; their version isn’t quite the thick-crusted ones that we have had recently at 5-Star Dim Sum, but I still liked how their version is lightly crisp in the crust — aptly buttery, while the bread beneath feels freshly-toasted; sufficiently crusty without being overly dense. Wasn’t quite a fan of the Lurpak Butter that it came with — not sure if these were an arrangement due to Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) where takeaways are the norm, but would definitely prefer them to come with slabs of butter just like it was illustrated; true-blue Hong Kong-style. Overall; not too heavy, and less food coma-inducing than I have expected.

My love for fried shrimp roll cheong fun had also led me to the “Spring is in the Air” Cheong Fun — an exceptionally fancy name for a HK rice roll noodle that comes with a crispy, fried prawn roll hidden within. It’s all I ask for in my Chee Cheong Fun; smooth, silken rice noodle that encases a crispy, better prawn roll within — one that is infused with spring onions and with succulent prawn flesh that is naturally sweet and comes with a good bite. The light soy sauce is sufficiently savoury, though I did wish they packed slightly more so that it can go around the rice rolls just a little more for better flavour.

Despite the slightly altered experience given the takeaway nature of the items, I must say I am pretty stoked about what I have had — so much so that a dinner plan is probably underway once dine-in is reinstated; it’s indeed been quite a while since I have ever dined in at Victor’s Kitchen, and it would be interesting to have these items the way that they are intended to be in the eatery itself!