So pleased to see there're five options for the main dish to choose from when I visited Ujong at the Raffles Hotel for lunch. They were:
- Roti Prata (select either beef rendang, lamb or chicken curry)
- "Har Zi Meen" (prawn flavoured noodles) to go with crispy pork or crispy chicken
- Singapore Chicken Rice
- Mee Siam
- Nasi Lemak (choose from either beef rendang, lamb or chicken curry)
I went for the last one because I've been wanting to try their much-raved-about beef rendang and having it with rice cooked in coconut milk sounded like an irresistible combination. The good news is it was a well-executed dish with fragrant, fluffy, "well separated" rice and an aromatic beef shank rendang (although I do think the meat could've been a tad more tender). The sweet and hot "sambal" was a wonderful surprise. In fact, I wouldn't mind a plate of just the Nasi Lemak and fabulous "sambal" alone.
Rounding off the lunch set was a cup of coffee or tea, plus a stupendously good dessert of Banana Crack Parfait. It comprised of luxurious heavy rich cream, topped with Gula Melaka caramel, banana and chocolate cookie crumble. In fact, we all sat up and exclaimed in delight and pleasure as we scrapped up every little bit of it from our cups.

PS. I was told that their menu will be revamped sometime in October which means a few items may disappear 😔 Better head there soon if you want to try what I've written about above.

I was at the vicinity just now!LOL
Eileen Ong Did you have lunch here too? :)
haha!I was at Sprigs, Purvis Street!!So near yet so far!
Eileen Ong Mere steps away! 😃