@miskacafe is located in the posh enclave of Sentosa Cove, and despite its inaccessibility from mainland Singapore, is worth a visit if you’re already on Sentosa. They serve satisfying sustenance along with cold tall pints of Paulaner fresh from the tap along with wines & ten buck cocktails, all enjoyed while gazing at the yachts moored at dock. Their cuisine is predominantly Greek with a smattering of Turkish and Western, and it’s all rather fetching.⠀

First up is the Greek Grilled Chicken ($24++), which surprised me with their excellence. The only breasts I don’t care for are chicken breasts, but Miska did a marvellous job at grilling these cuts of chicken. They were remarkably juicy, and each moist morsel truly impressed me. Miska was rather generous with their chicken portions, which is complemented by a smooth, savoury hummus, lots of salad and a grilled corn cob. Definitely one of the healthiest options on the menu.

Overall, Miska’s got a good thing going with a view that many restaurants would kill for, and the food’s simple yet decent. Thanks for the invite @burpple & @miskacafe!

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