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I’m not gonna run through course by course cause this was the only decent photo I managed to catch (I’m heavily reliant on my flash), so TLDR; every course was very well thought out and conceptualised, each element adding a complementary yet contrastive aspect to the dish, and really I’ve got nothing but compliments. The meal started off with starters that were absolutely stunning: chawanmushi was the bomb, and the mushroom tart was just 🤯 like who’d think microplaned raw shrooms could taste so good?? I’d recommend you get the $10 upgrade for the Jeju abalone multigrain risotto cause omg the smoky, tender, meaty abalone with that light risotto (I swear I tasted barley in there) was among the highlights of the meal. After plate and plate of insane flavours, the meal ended off with a light dessert of mellow melon sorbet, sweet sweet seasonal muscat grapes, and an ethereal makgeolli meringue. ⁣