This, including the cornbread waffles, were my top favourites among the wide spread served at the restaurant during their last weekend (24/11–26/11).

The individual components of the Wagyu Big Mac Fried Rice were simple and unassuming, but together, they constructed the most comforting of rice bowls. The beef itself was a little dry, but the rest of the ingredients were well done. The flavour combination was amazing, and it all felt like a warm hug.

The cornbread waffles were something else too. I love cornbread in general but the ones here still blew my mind–I happily had 5 of those goodies. I usually favour crispier waffles, but I didn't mind these at all because they were delightfully fluffy. Beside them being sweet like typical cornbreads I've had, pairing them with the maple syrup enhanced the flavour further and actually brought out a wonderful smokiness in it. There were bits of corn kernels inside too, which I was only too happy to lap up. Beautiful flavours and texture checked, making these a plate (or in my case, 2 plates) of memorable waffles.

So with these, I bid farewell to Bird Bird with a heavy heart. I've never been a fried chicken fan, but these outstanding menu items proved that the restaurant can delight everyone else too!
I certainly hope this is not the last we've seen of Bjorn and his amazing team (other than Artichoke, of course) for this experience has further affirmed my belief that they can execute some great stuff.