One of my personal favourites for BCM. For $6/8/10, it’s not the cheapest bak chor mee around but it I feel the price is justifiable.

Pictured here is what you get for $10 when you takeaway. The mee pok is cooked al dente and doesn’t have the reek of alkaline. And there’s a good douse of vinegar in the seasoning which isn’t something you’ll get at most places. Many would notice that it’s topped with the crispy dried sole fish. Yummy.

What I enjoy most are the handmade dumplings as the skin is of the right thickness, and they are generous with the pork filling and sole fish. Also, the pork liver here is not overcooked (so it’s soft and tender) and doesn’t have a gamey taste or powdery texture. Something that isn’t easy to achieve.

I found this to be still as good since I last had it some four years back. Some may find this to be overrated or felt that the standard has dropped. Perhaps it’s could be a matter of inconsistency more than anything else.