Bought this mee soto from the stall "Haji Salim Food Stall" which is located at the back end of the hawker centre. (Stall is sandwiched in between two indian stalls though).

I'm pretty picky when it comes to mee soto. I like mine with the thin layer of translucent oil on the surface, not those thick gravy kind so this was the perfect choice for me.

Served with a generous amount of chunky shredded chicken and crunchy beansprouts in a intensely flavourful chicken stock infused with blended of spices like turmeric, coriander and fries shallots. The addition of faintly bitter minced celery leaves were a light, nice touch which cut through the spiciness and richness of the dish. Served with a side of red chili and black sauce. The stall makcik was nice enough to refill the gravy for me when I asked for more chilli instead. And of course, any mee soto is incomplete without the begedil (potato patty)! The version here is pretty solid - crackling crisp batter enveloping a roughly mashed (definitely homemade) core which retains plenty of satisfying bite and texture, with just a hint of spice. Additional cost of $0.70.

Price: $2.80