Stall newly open at Tampines St. 22. . What caught my eyes was the Roasted Duck. To give it a try, I decide to ordered a plate of duck noodle which has just came out from the rocket looking machine. I must say the tenderness of the the duck is unbelieveable. Not only is it juicy, the honey glazed duck is perfectly seasoned. I'm impressed by this Malaysian cook. While eating the succulent roasted duck, my eyes was focusing on the roasted pork . Though I'm not a Char Siew lover, I believe it's gonna be the kind of taste that many Char Siew lovers are looking for. But as for the Duck Lover, do give it a try if you are somewhere there.

Ohhhh, what would you say are your must-try hawkers in Tampines?
Ya! Around tampines area do serve great hawkers food. Would be great if you can join me on my instagram melsfoodjourney. Thank you very much.