Eight dollars at Asia Western Food will get you a big chungus chicken, deep fried to golden, greasy supremacy. Sure, eight bucks will only get you a fried spring chicken without a side of fries or coleslaw, but there’s no denying the incredible value you’re getting here.⠀

A larger than normal chicken is coated in a simple flour mix and then deep fried till it’s cooked just right. Deep frying a whole chicken ain’t easy, but the elderly gent running the shop has been dishing out spring chicken for more than forty years. Needless to say, the cook was perfect. The thighs & drumsticks retained all of their moisture, which leads to a cascade of juices dripping all over with every bite. Even the normally dry & stringy breast meat was surprisingly moist and it was easily edible.⠀

The meat is great, but the battered skin is utterly breathtaking. The skin has morphed into a tremendously thin & crispy cocoon around the moist meat, and it definitely makes for one of the most splendid fried chickens in town. The seasoning may be simple, but salt, white pepper & perhaps a hit of five spice is all this sterling spring chicken needed. Yes, it might just beat out several of the famous fried chicken merchants in town, that’s how incredible this spring chicken was.⠀

There’s really no way to sugarcoat this, but you have to try it for yourselves as soon as possible because we never know when the elderly uncle will cease operations, and another piece of Singapore’s hawker heritage is gone forever. Go soon, don’t have regrets this new year.