Sweet & sour pork has been my favourite dish since I’ve been a kid, and I’m something of an expert on this timeless classic. However, I don’t go to Sichuan or China restaurants that much, and I’ve never had sweet & sour pork done in the way that @chefchina.sg does it.⠀

At sixteen dollars & eighty cents before GST & service charge, this towering stack of deep fried pork fillets doused in a thick, syrupy sweet & sour sauce is a beauty to behold. There’s more batter on the pork here compared to the more common Singapore or Hong Kong Style sweet & sour pork, but the batter is mystifyingly airy & light on the grease, akin to a denser tempura. The moderate crispness of the outer layer easily gives way, revealing a slightly chewy layer of batter right on the surface of the pork. The pork itself is commendably tender, and it just gets better thanks to the crisp of the batter.⠀

As for the sauce itself, it’s more sweet than sour, but it’s still plenty tangy to stimulate your senses. I’m not sure if Chef China uses ketchup in their sauce as it doesn’t taste like it, but the sauce is quite sublime. Salty, sweet & sour in all the perfect ratios, this is a stellar sauce worthy of accompanying any meat. Sweet & sour pork is a test of the quality of the ingredients and the chef, and Chef China has most certainly aced both.⠀

多谢多谢, @chefchina.sg!