From the new Chirashizushi Shou located at Bukit Timah Plaza; if this looks rather familiar in its presentation, it’s because they are opened by the same folks behind now-defunct Sumo-Ya at China Square Central, which have since re-branded and re-located their operations here.

Whilst looking rather familiar given its shallow bowl and coming with a pretty generous portion of fish, I do vaguely recall the marinated diced fish being a little more fresh during their time as Sumo-Ya. That being said, I did enjoy how the temperature of the fish and the rice remain consistent for this one, while the marinade did provide a slightly savoury note to the fish. The rice came pearly — distinguishable to the grain, while the diced cubes of fish comes at a size that allows one to have a good bite for enough texture and flavour; came in a good portion that allows one to have just enough fish with every spoonful of rice. Their rendition comes with an egg yolk as well; mixing it up provides a silkier touch to the entire bowl. One thing slightly different about the spicy variant here as compared to most others served at the various establishments around is how the spiciness is driven by chili padi instead of a house-made sauce or marinade — packs a punch without being too heavy, but tingles the taste-buds even for those who are tolerable to moderate levels of spiciness. Each set comes with a side of garden salad dressed in Goma dressing, and a bowl of miso soup at $17.90.

Chirashizushi Shou also serves up other items such as Donburi featuring cooked elements, various types of Ramen, ala-carte side dishes and sushi — a pretty decent dining choice to consider dining at for relatively affordable Japanese cuisine in the area.