Striking a balance between time-honoured dim sum and newfangled recipes, Hoong Foong in USJ 21 makes the perfect meeting point for families, young and old. Be it the flaky Yam Puffs (RM4.50) with superb yam-to-meat filling ratio or the wok hei-laden Fried Glutinous Rice (RM5), freshness is guaranteed here in these shoplots. On weekends, young men heave vast metal trays brimming with dim sum to your table while on quieter weekdays, steamers are made to order so you'll always get your Salted Egg Mai (RM5) — a version of siew mai filled with crumbly salted egg yolk bits — when it's steaming hot. Amp up your open-air breakfast with a glass of potent Kopi Peng (RM3).
Avg Price: RM20
Photo by Burppler Rueann Dass