From Uouo Restaurant at Sunshine Plaza, a new Japanese establishment that had opened its doors recently from the folks behind Washoku Goen. Offering lunch deals from $6.80++ onwards, the menu boasts a wide variety of Japanese cuisine from Donburi, to Gyoza sets, Ramen and Curry Rice.

Giving the Cheese Curry a go, the Cheese Curry Salmon is all familiar for those who had been having Washoku Goen's curry rice from their various stalls within food courts such as Food Republic or Food Junction — a thick, savoury and slightly sweet Japanese curry blankets the short-grain rice beneath, while cheese is melted over the top for that oozy, stretchy texture and a savoury note that is simply a crowd-pleaser. The salmon over the top comes pretty chunky; the flesh maintaining some moisture, and a decent accompaniment to the Cheese Curry. Comes with soup on the side, while tea is served upon entry to the restaurant — pretty value-for-money and a decent dining option, especially for the office folks in the area.

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