Last week to enjoy these yummy food at the Carnival!! We decided to make our trip down again for more Cheesy Rosti before they are all gone on 1 Apr! Heavenly-delicious Cheesy Rosti with Smoked Salmon & Cheesy Rosti with German Sausage (1 for $5.90, 2 for $10) Indulge with these crispy brown Rosti, with cheese that melts right into the Rosti, top with Smoked Salmon/German Sausage and sour cream is placed on the side!! It’s so good that we wish for more after we gobble them down! 👍🏼 @the6ixsrosti @prudentialmarinabay @marinabaycarnival #hungryunicornsg #the6ixsrosti #rosti #prudentialmarinabaycarnival #marinabaycarnival #the6ixs