I cook by feel and taste, so here's my version of a simple SG dinner!
1 box of baby spinach from NTUC Finest
3 tbsp thickened cream
1 tsp butter
A dash of salt, pepper and cayenne
Smoked Salmon with Dill from Fassler
2 slices Superfine Wholemeal bread
1 egg

1. Prep spinach: Spread on pan, add spinach and stir.
2. Add thickened, salt, pepper and cayenne. Feel free to add white wine if you'd like. (I skipped the cheese for a healthier rendition since I'm already using cream). Stir and off heat.
3. At the same time, spread butter on another pan and place 1 slice of bread, stirring it around.
4. Arrange cooked spinach on bread and salmon on spinach.
5. Once done, place another slice of bread on top and flip over. Cook and stir the bread around for another 1-2 mins for a crispy texture before plating.
6. Separately cook a sunny side up and top on Salmon & Spinach bread!