From the new Cafe Punggol Nasi Lemak that had opened its doors pretty recently at Capitol Piazza, just right across the Food Republic within the mall. Unlike their Jalan Besar concept which serves Nasi Lemak in a fast-food diner concept, the Capitol Piazza location is more of a cafe concept — serving up Nasi Lemak in both sets and ala-carte format, the Capitol Piazza outlet also serves up a curated menu of drinks and local beverages (i.e. Nanyang Kopi and Teh) as well as desserts such as Kueh-Kueh and Kaya Toast.

Coming with 1 Chicken Wing, 1 Otah and 1 Prawn, Set Meal 5 is the full works, also coming with Nasi Lemak essentials such as rice, egg, anchovies and peanuts alongside the iconic chili on the side. The rice here holds well to that of the standards set by Punggol Nasi Lemak outlets — there are places that serve better Nasi Lemak rice than them, but the rice carries a familiar light whiff of coconut fragrance that is pretty mild and not too moist; something that would resonate well with their fans who prefer their rendition of Nasi Lemak. While the chicken wing was pretty delicious with its crispy exterior and succulent, tender flesh, the fried Prawn was a little disappointing — just straight up mushy and lacking of any bite. Otah was pretty decent; comfortably spicy with evident notes of the Rempah spices being used in its preparation. Really enjoyed the anchovies here; fried till golden brown, the anchovies remained crispy, and comes with a slight sprinkle of sugar for a hint of sweetness amidst the saltishness — prepared in the same way like how my mum would have done. Sambal was also on-point; whilst carrying the signature sweetness of Nasi Lemak sambal, it also provides a spicy kick that should be pretty manageable to most; the sunny-side-up was a little inconsistent though, with one of our orders coming with an oozy yolk while the other was pretty much well-done. Sure; there may be some room for improvement for the Nasi Lemak here, but this holds true to what Punggol Nasi Lemak had been serving — somewhere which I would not mind re-visiting if the craving hits, or if I am actually in the area.

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