Try as they may, businesses operating out of shops can't replicate the authenticity of both taste and experience of a road side cendol truck.

Ali Cendol is not without a loyal following. It has parked here (with its partner in roadside crime, Rojak Mustaffa) next to the Seksyen 17 Market for as long as any local can remember. The cendol was very good, the cendol itself had great texture, had a good balance of coconut milk and gula melaka, and it was not too sweet.

Small RM2.00; Large RM2.50; + pulut (glutinous rice) for RM0.50

If I had to nitpick, I'd say I found it ever so slightly watery. Another comment by my friend was: "Who the heck puts cincau in cendol? Don't try to be pretentious." 😂

It's difficult when all cendols are compared to the one in SS15 Subang Jaya. But hey, if I'm in the Seksyen 17 area - I'd still come back. 👍🏼