Okay first things first...it is not appetizing at all when the plate comes and the entire thing is the same color. Granted, its a delicious deep fried golden brown, but still.

They ran out of slipper lobster and had to replace it by adding some other elements, which was a pity. There is calamari, battered shrimp, battered fish, and fries (am I detecting a pattern here). Also a very miserable-looking salad covered with thousand island dressing (which is also tragically an orangey brown color).

The individual elements were good, don't get me wrong. The fish was piping hot and perfectly cooked. Calamari was delightfully crispy and still quite chewy. Prawns were bouncy and crunchy (such nice prawns were definitely wasted by deep frying them). And fries...its hard to screw up fries.

Its just that as a whole, this $30 platter left me feeling bloated, a big lump of oil and just in general a feeling that it wasn't value for money. Also much to be desired in terms of presentation.


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