My favourite ramen! I love it because unlike most ramen shops, they use chicken broth and use pork as topping, which I feel is a very well balanced combo cos then the taste doesn't get too "porky", oily and overwhelming. The highlight (in my humble opinion lol) is the fresh seaweed they use as topping, instead of the usual dried crunchy seaweed most ramen shops use. The seaweed is super tasty and the texture is so delicate, and it goes really well with the noodles. I find the usual kind of dried seaweed hard to tear up, and honestly it doesn't add to the overall taste at all. The noodles here are nice, thin and springy. The egg is pretty good, but honestly every ramen shop does it well also... The ramen comes with 2 types of pork - the usual chashu and stewed pork belly. The pork is ok, quite special cos there are 2 types, but honestly not the star of the dish. Come here for the soup, the seaweed and the negi (spring onion) combo. Also quick note on the menu - there are only 4 (?) types of ramen choices available, and a very small selection of dishes - which is a good indication to me cos it suggests that they really focus on perfecting the few dishes they serve.