“Kway Chap” stalls are getting rarer these days. Most likely because preparation of this hawker dish is labour-intensive and more people are increasingly health-conscious. I feel, besides the older generation, not that many crave this traditional #nosetotail braised dish often, if at all, these days. Clearly, this shows my age because I still love it 😆
My favourites are quite close to home - #fengjikwaychap at Jalan Batu and the no-name stall run by an elderly couple at Jalan Benaan Kapal Food Centres. Each has their strengths. Therefore, in my ideal world, it would be the fried garlic and coriander garnished extra thin “kway” (rice sheets), large intestines, “tau kee”, “tau kwa”, hardboiled eggs, “zhup” (gravy) and spicy-tangy chilli from the former coupled with the pork belly, pig’s skin, pig’s stomach and “tau pok” from the latter.
But of course, I am always on the lookout for other stalls to try. And “Dunman Duck Rice” in the basement of Dunman Food Centre is pretty good as well. Their sauce is very viscous and quite herbal. You can get braised duck to go with the “kway chap” items but I tend to skip it. I like that they offer hard-to-find pig’s ears along with the braised pork and parts of the pig. Their chilli dip is very vinegar-forward, which could be too intense for some. Pricing is ridiculously cheap. We paid less than $12 for everything shown in my Reel.