I had visited IKO Restaurant before, in fact more than once, and I really like the food here at the era when uni pudding was still in the menu. So when I chanced upon the new menu and I like what I see, I decided to revisit this place. Since based on what I had observed, the chefs here do overhaul on the menu on regular basis, so if I miss the the chance to try the new menu items now, I may miss it forever. And true to IKO's style, the creations are very simulating in tastes, which is shiok to savour.

High Sess Somen is served cold, and for a good reason: to preserve the original umami of the treasures of the sea and makes the texture of the somen smoother. The bed of fresh crab meat is so thick that it is hard to see the somen beneath, thumbs-up for this. Full of treasures of the sea, this somen is filled to the brim with simulating flavours. I love this.
The mild, briny sweet Oyster is hidden under the mountain of lychee wasabi granita soaked with sake. I love this for fresh oyster, of course, and the boldness plus the uniqueness of the granita. I say it is definitely worth a try.

White on White is thinly sliced succulent hokkaido scallop paired with slightly herbal fennel, tangy and mildly bitter pomelo, zesty dashi yuzu sauce and crisp radishes. This is a dish that has strong flavours hitting across the whole spectrum of taste profile and it actually works.

Yuzu Semi Freddo features simulating flavours too. These strong flavours: the crunchy burnt sweetness of honeycomb caramel, the super tangy taste of yuzu curd, milky goodness hokkaido milk ice cream and baked goods aroma of mint sponge, work together in harmony to create an awesome dessert. Highly recommend to savour all these components together.

The place is of chic bar layout where one can relax while feeling very cool when dining in there. Teh service is very good, friendly and cheerful. The ladies are full of smiles and always ready to respond to the patrons' requests. After a revisit here, I know I will be revisiting yet again, especially if there is a change in menu.

Thoughts: Tastebuds throughly simulated, in a great way!