Ah dim sum. One of my indulgences when For congee, drinking tea as if I'm wiser than I look, fried foods, and using chopsticks in general. Jin Xuan probably needs no introduction to the dim sum eaters of Malaysia. Being one of the very few places to open from early mornings (7 a.m) till late (11:30 p.m), Jin Xuan is planning nationwide domination (probably) by popping up everywhere like Mushrooms. The 2 branches in Damasara SS 21 and SS22 to open within an approximate 2 km radius from each other itself is a feat.

However, famous might not mean good. The SS21 branch (can't judge all branches equally now can we?) had ha gao (蝦餃 - prawn dumplings), a must order in every dim sum eatery, that is unless you're allergic, had skin that tasted powdery, thick, and broke pretty easily, which usually indicates too much water in the water to flour ratio and with this dish only consisting of 2 items, you could say the skin plays a pretty big role.

The siew mai (燒賣) was dente and tightly packed together but didn't taste impressive. The chicken feet, also called "phoenix claws" (鳳爪)came out black and sad-looking, probably due to being there since the day the earth was formed and the rice sheets, cheong fun (腸粉)wasn't sticky and the prawns in it tasted dente.

Fried items at this branch is limited and none of them appealing or hot.

Of course I don't expect Jin Xuan to taste perfect, it would cost way more than it does otherwise perhaps. But just saying that famous probably does not mean it's good all the time.

Jin Xuan is a place for you to hang out, get dim sum with your family and have a cup of tea. Expecting really good dim sum? Meh, try somewhere else.

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