Decked in chandeliers, The Lobby Lounge gives a classy, laid-back atmosphere for one to enjoy a hearty conversation over tea and treats. Comfortable seating and impeccable service provide a sophisticated experience to chill and relax on a warm, sunny day in Singapore. The crowd in the mid-afternoon seems to show The Lobby Lounge’s speciality - High Tea, when friends and couples come to enjoy both savoury and sweet treats. This time, The Lobby Lounge has collaborated with Chantecaille, a luxury beauty brand that specialises in botanically based and sustainable products. It showcases an elegant presentation of 14 treats, varying from scones, savoury tarts and sweet treats like macarons and chocolates. With the theme being Rose de Mai, there are pink hues to many of their sweet treats - most encompassed by peach and rose flavours. The savoury treats included ingredients like salmon and scallop, giving a good savoury balance to the two tiers of sweet treats. Hot treats included scones and a salmon thyme quiche, which was encouraged by our server to be eaten first. Each treat has its own unique element, all tasting completely different from one another and delicious in their own way. This high tea set comes with 2 rounds of drink each - and we were allowed to change our drink after the first. With a total of 4 drinks for 2 sets, we enjoyed a cup of cappuccino, and three pots of Sencha Meicha, Moroccan Mint and their special Inter-continental Singapore Heritage Tea. The brew of all the teas were strong, but I would recommend trying the Singapore Heritage Tea, for not only is it unique, it has a pleasant fruity subtleness to it, which I personally enjoyed.
A relaxing experience guaranteed, for there is no rush to finish the treats. Serving their High Tea from 1pm to 5.30pm, it is important to make a reservation with them first.
P.S. Pictured 2 sets for 2 pax, total of 4 drinks & 28 treats.