While I was ecstatic to finally have a chance at trying Gastrosmith’s new private dining concept, I was also saddened to hear that this will be their final month at their current location in Katong i12. The good news is they intend to open in town sometime in the future.

Their exclusive Burpple set dinner has got to be one of the best quality and value-for-money #burpplebeyond deals around, with 3 sharing plates for 2 and a substantial main each, all for the princely sum of $62+. Chef Dillon is the sole cook in the kitchen, and still he manages to execute astoundingly flavourful and well-balanced dishes across a broad spectrum of cuisines, all in a very timely fashion.

First dish to hit the table is an absolute stunner – achingly sweet vine-ripened tomatoes over silken Japanese tofu, languishing in a bath of olive oil and barrel-aged balsamic vinegar. The sweet tartness of the the latter and richness of the former worked well with the lighter main components, with hints of citrus and the crunch of pine nuts adding delicious complexity.

Taste: 4/5