Overall, aesthetic > food taste.
The pulled pork avocado eggs Benedict was quite good and they were very generous with the pulled pork. Never expected pulled pork to go so well with avocado.
The sando was pretty decent too. Definitely can’t go wrong with milk bread with patty & tamago.
Pasta was quite nice but pretty basic and nothing special to mention.
The honey&paprika chicken was pretty basic to me — not very sure why this is their specialty dish. Worth a try but found it pretty disappointing.
The eggs Benedict with crab cakes were the major disappointment — really taste like toasted frozen crab cakes that were of lower quality (rly didn’t taste good). My friend likes crab cakes and was kinda insulted.
Not in picture: ordered the coco Pandan waffle & had easily the worst waffle of my life (I am a waffle fan so PSA: order at your own risk) although I’m hoping it’s a fluke.

The coffee here is pretty decent.
Vibes were nice & can understand why the place is popular. This cafe is also a little on the pricey side considering it’s location, but still reasonable for a popular cafe.

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