OKAAAYY. i want 2 say first that it is indeed worth the hype n if u are considering, just go.

i honestly didnt know what to expect bc this is my first time eating a mochi waffle but i am mindblown eh. this combination is RLLLLY good and my fav 2 things in one 😍. so may be biased HHAHA but no okay its rly good. the crispiness of the waffle n the fragrant chocolate taste πŸ₯²πŸ₯² i wna go eat again.... mochi was chewy, but tbh wld prefer if there was more though but still good.

one thing tho, we were suuuper thirsty aft eating cos it was so chocolatey but i saw frm the other review that they serve free water we did not know πŸ˜” wld suggest bringing ur own water jic

ice cream. mum ordered pistachio, q surprised it was q nice idk why HHAHA. tasted like the normal pistachio though, but was fragrant! my mum liked it (pistachio fan...) i got the lychee smth one and its p basic cos i didnt rly want the other flavours (i feel like the choice was q limited actually) so yeah...but yum it was p good, def a refreshing choice paired w chocolate