I’ve always been a solid fan of Apiary for their fragrant, crispy waffles and quality ice cream. As usual, this time doesn’t disappoint.

I picked out one of my favourite flavours, Earl Grey, while my friend chose The Apiary, which was part of the popular choices. The Earl Grey ice cream here is significantly better than those in other establishments - it’s much creamier, with more obvious Earl Grey taste. We both agreed that Earl Grey was also better than the popular The Apiary, which main notes were honey and cacao nibs that added a favourable crunch and texture.

As a rule of thumb, I do prefer flavours like Matcha and Earl Grey over their popular flavour like Blue Milk as their depth in flavour is different. Go for the popular ones if you prefer lighter flavours though.

Note that the ice cream these days melts more quickly than a while back, so eat that ice cream fast!