@kamsroast_sg must have a thing for the number 17, because this ‘toro bbq pork combo soya chicken rice’ was also, you guessed it, $17. There’s a whole lot of plain white rice supplied with each serving, and it can easily last you two meals. It’s probably an attempt to pad the dish and try to make it worth the costly price of entry. It doesn’t quite work that way however.⠀

Still, the toro char siew was satisfactorily fatty & juicy. Plus it had a copacetic char on the crust, and the sapid spices had thoroughly permeated the redolent roast meat. I quite appreciated the thickness of the cut of char siew, as it was thick enough to give a superbly satisfying chew while not requiring too much work to masticate.⠀

The soya sauce chicken was passably moist & amply ambrosial with a nice, smooth skin. I’ve never understood the appeal of putting on the oil, grated ginger & spring onion mix on chicken until I did it to myself. The aromatics were absolutely appealing, and the fragrant oil lent its hand to lubricating & enhancing the taste of the soya sauce chicken. Plus, the little bit of heat from the ginger & the burst of freshness from the spring onions was sublime.⠀

I certainly enjoyed the soya sauce chicken & char siew rice, but my wallet sure as hell didn’t. Oh well, at least I tried it out for myself.