Have been hearing quite a bit about Apiary's Sesame Treat ($12) and because it's so unconventional for a dessert in Singapore, I have been really keen to try it!

The dessert comprises of white and black sesame ice-cream with sesame seeds, sesame oil and Japanese sea salt.

You're supposed to taste the two scoops separately and on their own before proceeding to add the toppings with which upon clarification from the staff, you are supposed to pour over the ice-cream however much you want. I initially put a slight amount of each topping in and felt the sea salt was wayyyyyy too salty, so I decided not to add anymore. I ended up using all the sesame oil and seeds though because those are really good stuff. 🤤 I should have used them sparingly with every few mouths though, so as to keep the savouriness strong throughout.

Overall, this dessert is surely more than just a novelty; if you are an avid sesame person, this will definitely appeal to you in all ways, although I think all dessert fans should give this a go at least once for the experience! 😋