What a way to celebrate my national day hehehe, their ndp promo is $53 NETT!! Valid till this week super worth it, must try!!! We requested to change the wuxiang to chicken cutlet + century egg🤷🏻‍♀️ And please don’t bother opting for other kinds of noodles and stick to their signature egg noodles!!! Never a fan but I was so surprised and happy I chose that (cuz im a sucker for “best sellers”) In addition, the service staffs are very friendly too! Everything was made fresh to order and I guarantee that the wait is totally worth it🤗 Can see myself visiting often in future hehe
✨National Day Promo ($53 nett)
• Extra Large Prawn Soup
• Noodles Dry & Soup (Wah Kee Signature Thin Egg Noodle)
• Chicken Cutlet
• Century Egg
• Calamansi
• Grass Jelly