At $4.50 each, these two dishes provided far more satisfaction than I had imagined! I loved the lor mee broth that was thick and sweet, packed full of the goodness of the seafood ingredients (clams, prawns, squid).

I personally liked the fried mee sua more as I found it tastier (but that’s just me, my taste buds favour the heavier tasting foods). If only there was more fried pork belly!!

Overall, Heng Hua restaurant is an unassuming eatery to visit for simple, comforting Heng Hua cuisine, which may remind you of your mother’s home cooked food. While it pales in comparison to the Michelin star awarded Putien, what’s not to love with these budget-friendly prices?? I will be sure to visit again to try the honey coated yam slices that I loveeeee.