First look and I almost thought Bishan's Ding Ji Bar Chor Mee has moved here. A quick Google search showed this chain is by FeiSiong and it has quite a number of stalls in SG. What caught my eye though, was (obviously) the lava egg!!! Other toppings apart from the usuals were the breaded scallop and meat roll (?). The egg, mushrooms and noodles were good, I liked the strong vinegar kick but would have preferred lesser sauce for the noodles to retain some qq-ness! The default sauce is also more on the sweet end from the ketchup used. Their normal bar chor mee is at $3.50 and I would think a dollar top up is still quite worth it for this decent bowl.

📍鼎记 Ding Ji Teochew Noodle
FoodClique, 132 Jurong East Street 13