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Payday! I spoilt myself with a $23 lunch at @hustlecosg. I thought that it might be absolute rubbish, cause you know, new cafe 🙄 but boy was I wrong! The portions were generous, the ingredients fresh, and the coffee, satisfying. The salmon had a crisp skin that neatly fell away when I slid the fork into the tender flakes of salmon. The gently salted, pan-fried sides hid a butter-soft centre that seemed to sigh with pleasure as I cut into it (or was that me? Bahaha). Carrying the dish was the pancake of rosti that, like every good carb, warmed me right up. Completing and lifting the dish was the dollop of dill crème fraîche and spoonful of salmon roe. The salmon roe, though a little small, were buoyant balls of flavour *sniggers* that were burst with every bite and gave the rosti a fun fusion twist. Will be back to try others!