@artbox_singapore is back after the unspecified virus of unknown origin, and besides an arcade(oh yeah it’s gamer time), lots of booths selling all kinds of clothes & trinkets, and live music on the mainstage, Artbox has organised a staggering array of restaurants and other food & beverage merchants for the food street. Better yet, @burpple has linked up with Artbox to form the Burpple Food Street, and yes, you can use #burpplebeyond sweet af 1-for-1 deals here!⠀

@properconcepts.sg is one of the nine merchants operating at Burpple Food Street, and @rappu.sg, one of their concepts, has created a trio of cute onigiris specially for Artbox! Pick from the trio of crab, prawn, and wagyu beef onigiris, or don’t! Just get the Onigiri Trio ($18 nett) for all three of them. It’s no surprise that the wagyu onigiri was the runaway success, with the sapid shoyu marinating the beef bits superbly. Contrasted with the spice from the roasted green chilies and the hit of freshness from spring onions, this was a perfectly balanced ball of rice & deliciousness. The deeply umami prawn onigiri was no slouch with its prawn head mayo, and the crab one was pretty zippy with the inclusion of pickled radish to contrast the briny crab flesh.⠀

Of course, the onigiris alone aren’t enough, so get the exclusive Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 with @featherbladesteakhouse (another Proper Concepts brand) Meatballs for eight bucks. Now you might think that these are just Ikea meatballs, but that’s like thinking that the Aston Martin is a nice car. Oh no sunshine, The Feather Blade’s meatballs are proper balls. They’re meaty, juicy and supremely succulent, and the majestic mushroom sauce and the cranberry jam uplift the beefy flavours with creaminess, earthiness & sweetness. ⠀

These meatballs ball so hard that nobody can keep your balls out of their mouth. And they come in pairs.⠀

Thanks for the invite, @burpple!

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