Had the 9 course tasting menu at ibid for $130++. Everything was spot on in terms of plating and flavours. The intricacy of each dish was commendable with a creative take on what would seemingly be a standard dish (the pictured dish was the shaobing with garlic yeasted butter). They rotate the menu every month with a change in 3-4 dishes each time so I definitely look forward to going back. The staff were all hospitable and friendly (even though they were all extremely busy). I don’t think my water ever ran out and the head Chef was also very hospitable and came out to chat with us. Small mix up at the start where our reservation through the website didn’t go through so safest to WhatsApp or call them. Nonetheless, they assembled a table very quickly and accommodated our table of 11 and apologised profusely after. Would highly recommend this compared to some other Michelin restaurants like CUT especially at the very reasonable price point.