My lovely friend (affectionately called Moo) sent me this cute “assemble your own brownie” pack from The Dark Gallery last week. It comes with four huge chunks of fudgy brownies, 2 pints of ice-cream, a pack of chocolate soil and a little container of chocolate sauce - everything I needed to put together an indulgent, level-up brownie treat with almost no sweat on my part (“almost” because I took it upon myself to take accountability shots of the results for dear Moo and instagram). This is really good! Warm fudgy brownie aside, the ice-cream is also great. It is thick and creamy (evidenced by super slow melting atop a warm brownie, which allowed me to change 3 locations before getting this photo), and very pleasing to my Asian tastebuds because it is not cloyingly sweet at all. Not sure what else to say about this pack because we all know the joys of great chocolate and ice-cream, and I enjoyed putting together these brownie dessert plates for the fam more than I expected (also finally dusted off my ice-cream scoop). Will definitely recommend sending this to someone you love! 💗