🍜truffle ramen ($16.90)
nice nutty truffle ramen with earthy flavours. they did nOT scrimp on those truffle slices. maybe that’s why there’s only 2 slices of char siu 3 HAHAH jokes. noodles are nice and springy !! neither too soft nor too al dente (like some places give rock hard noodles rip…). my friends and i agree that it’s almost reminiscent of angel hair pasta??

highlight is def the mellow creamy onsen egg which brings the flavours together. plus the truffle slices. lots of umami followed by what i believe is konbu sprinkles??? the char siu is p okayyy maybe 8/10 tastes like regular charsiu in ramen, a tad tender but not SUPER juicy. LOL but yo do yourself a favor and try this when you don’t know what to eat in orchard😋😋😌🤝

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