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Back here again! I actually did try their Omakase (it’s AMAZING, basically a food journey that builds up the whole way through for a satisfying finish) but… was legitimately too distracted by the food to take photos. Whoops. Anyway, here’s their wagyu bowl ($18.90++) instead, which is every bit as delicious as everything else Southpaw serves.

The experience of getting this is great. Sit down at the counter, and you can watch the chef just take out a legit chunk of wagyu that gets carefully flame-grilled to really bring out its flavour. Then the slices are arranged on a bed of fluffy, steaming rice, all topped by a soft egg that just oozes out to coat everything when you poke it.

Needless to say it was very, VERY good. I always appreciate their attention to detail; like how the spring onions were soaked in water beforehand to give them a slightly milder flavour that complimented the meat perfectly. This is definitely a real standout dish – just make sure you go earlier in the month because they actually can sell out of it.